Sermons from April 2016

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Compassionate David


Showing mercy and giving grace when they don’t deserve it. What this message is all about. David is a sin-full man and yet his heart shows compassion in a way that is parallel to Jesus when He says “Love your enemy’s” Matt 5:44 Video Link: Scripture: Psalms 100:3; Revelation 19:7; 1 Samuel 22 and […]

Compassionate Shepherd

Our compassionate, gentle Shepherd, Jesus invites us to be with Him every day; to dwell in His presence all the time, as the sheep spend all their time with their shepherd. Join Rozella as she shares the ways that Jesus, the compassionate, gentle Shepherd, has guided her in her life to compassion for others. Learn […]

Compassionate Church

What is it like to be poor? Are there any poor in our families, congregation, community? Was Jesus poor? Does one have to be poor to be a faithful Christ-follower? Does poverty have anything to do with redemption? Expect to feel some guilt . . . followed by a profound sense of relief. This teaching […]

The Waiting Father


The unending compassion of our Heavenly Father is fueled by a radical love that embraces us no matter what we do, say, or think. He gives us complete freedom to respond to His love, or not. His whole being is focused on a single minded longing to draw each of us close to His heart. […]

Compassionate Enemy

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?  Can you remember what it feels like?  What if your “friend” seemed to be cool and compassionate in the eyes of the majority?  Our Bible story taken from Luke 22, John 12, and John 13 is about two friends named Jesus and Judas.  Were they ever really […]