Sermons from September 2016

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Polka Player Joy


In a world full of strife, fear, and violence, how can we find joy? Is joy something we can find? Through trials and moments of beauty, serving and being served by others, through times of pruning, God has built in the ability to experience joy in every circumstance. Join Rozella Stroud, as she explores finding […]



Have you ever wondered where the 10,000 pounds of gold and silver in the Confederate treasury went? Would God save an honest doubter?  What unanswered questions do you have for God to consider?  Was doubting Thomas less of a disciple because he wanted more evidence?  Do you know of a remedy for doubt that is […]

Exploring Prayer


Prayer is the continuation of the conversation with God that started when Adam first opened his eyes. God called this conversation “very good.” Through prayer we re enter that conversation and receive forgiveness, healing and restoration to the family of God. As helpful as this is, it can also, at times, become very confusing and […]

Knowledge of God


Just as politicians today use lies and deceptive language to castigate their opponents, Satan used lies and misrepresented God to God’s newly created people.  Satan continues to do so today.   How does God get His message to those of us on earth? Scripture tells us that God is worthy of our worship because He is […]