Sermons from January 2017

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Aiming Babies Towards the Kingdom of Heaven

Just a couple of guys, a general contractor and a business man talking about aiming arrows at a target is an object lesson from scripture found in Psalms 127. This Sermon will take aim at raising a child for the kingdom of Heaven. This one is action packed, be sure not to miss. Scripture: Psalms […]

Father Knows Best


What kind of father revives broken children & restores broken relationships? DAD RISKED his reputation over his wild child; DAD LET his wild child face consequences of his own decisions; DAD LONGED for a restored relationship with his wild child; DAD LAVISHED gracious forgiveness on his wild child; DAD CELEBRATED the restored relationship with his […]

Mother’s Hearts


Motherhood was the highest honor a woman could have in biblical culture. We will be considering a brief overview of the women who miraculously became mothers in the biblical narrative, some after years of  longing, pleading, clinging faith. Did the miracle of birth transform the way these women approached motherhood? Was their connection to their […]

Ideal Family


I can’t find an ideal family described in the Bible.  One big factor could be adverse childhood experiences.  Another factor could be prenatal influences.  Do you know of any ideal families who live in the Skagit valley? God teaches us in Deuteronomy 6 that there are 2 remedies to family disfunction:  1.  Parents could stop […]