Sermons from March 2017

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Tina’s Story


Tina’s story is a gripping account of grace, forgiveness, and Spirit-led survival.  Listen as she tells you, “I finally found that faith that I was missing… God had a plan for me…to be the voice for the homeless…let me tell you, being homeless is not any fun…it’s cold, it’s hard, it’s dirty, and it’s painful.. […]

What Teens Need

Do you have GT?  Physical GT is very rare disease affecting two out of a hundred people.  Scientists are not certain about how it is caused.  While preparing for this sermon, I diagnosed myself. Our Bible study  shows that spiritual GT is very common.  Could you have it?  Is there a remedy? Be assured, God […]

More Faith Less Hope

Al is a 96-year-old preacher who believes it is time to stop hoping for miracles;  Rather, he suggests it is time to start believing in miracles.  A few months ago he broke his back when a car hit his from behind.  Many prayers later, after his doctor told him he’d never preach again, Al was […]

Teen Survival School

There is an avalanche threatening a collapse of 60 million homes in the United States of America. When it hits, how will our teens survive? I’m talking about 10 adverse childhood experiences which are destroying teenagers: Emotional abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse Mother treated violently Household substance abuse Mental illness in household Parental separation or […]