Sermons from July 2017

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Pulling Together to Finish God’s Plan


God made a plan before man was created.  The 3 most powerful beings in the cosmos agreed that should man fall, no price was too great to save him.  That plan resulted in Christ’s death and will be completed when Jesus returns to take His people home to live with Him.  The Mt. Vernon SDA […]

My Journey With Jesus

This is my first opportunity to share what Jesus Christ means to me in front of a congregation. I do love to teach and have some experience doing so. And I do love my Lord. Pastor McGhee told me I would be speaking to brothers and sisters in a “safe” environment. So I look forward […]


Jesus almost lost the human race in Gethsemane.  His friends’ brutal treatment was an added Gethsemane punishment Jesus did not need.  He needed intercessory prayers.  All He got was rejection, snoring, and cowardice. Would you consider helping someone overcome his or her Gethsemane this week through significant intercessory prayer and a ministry of presence? Scripture: […]

Reflections on Camp Meeting

Ron Everett led an engaging discussion and review of this years camp meeting. “Reflections on Camp Meeting” preached by Ron Everett on July 8th, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington

Revolutionary Brains

Welcome to the only brain rehab clinic open on Saturday mornings in Mount Vernon.  Pastor John, also known as Dr. John McGhee, a health educator from Loma Linda University, will be describing what happens when brains are deformed through chronic pain, sports or war injuries, chemical addictions, mental illness, and daily use of over-the counter […]