Sermons from June 2019

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When God’s People Lie

Bernard Madoff went to prison on June 29, 2009 for stealing 65 billion dollars by lying to his friends, family, and fellow Jewish networks. At times, he acted like a devout Sabbath keeper. I wonder if the Sabbath keepers who sincerely follow Biblical Truth ever tell lies. Is there such a thing as a good […]

Washington Adventist Camp Meeting 2019

    Sharing Faithfully Campmeeting

    A festival of faith. A gathering of hope. A time of spiritual growth and renewal. Camp meetings hold a lot of tradition in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is when faithful followers of the Advent hope gather to worship, to share faith, to grow in their Bible understanding, and to find encouragement for living generously […]

    The Cave-man’s Story

    Welcome to my cave. It is dark in here. But I have 7 little lights above me and a nice warm fire. I have a story to tell about a 55-day long birthday party unlike any the world has ever experienced. It happened 1888 years ago. Scripture: Rev 1, John 12, John 13 “The Cave-man’s […]

    Mary’s Story

    When Jesus walked the earth, He had a few close friends; people who brought him joy, comfort and companionship. Mary and her siblings were some of those precious few. Have you ever wondered how Mary might have experienced Jesus? What did she see, feel, hear, touch and taste as she wholeheartedly embraced this new teacher? […]