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Washington Adventist Camp Meeting 2017

    What is Camp Meeting? Washington Adventist Camp Meeting is a 9-day religious convention of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Participants typically “camp” or reside in motor homes, trailers, tents, or dormitory rooms, or commute from their homes. Religious training is provided for people of all ages from infants to teenagers to young adults to parents to […]

    Birthday Of The King Concert


    Ever heard a mature baritone voice in a 16-year-old who thought he couldn’t sing when he joined the choir two years ago?  Listen to the first solo. This exquisite musical experience is conducted by a musician who has not finished college.  She attended high school at Fountainview.  Her 82-strong choir and orchestra remind me of […]

    Jeff Hunt Ministries

    Website: http://jeffhuntministries.com Life evolves, times change, opportunities come and go and sometimes something old becomes new again. And so it is. The passion for concert ministry has always been there. I was privileged to make my living at sharing my music for many years on the road. In 1999, I traded that for some security […]