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True Blue Loyalty

We honor, today, our heroic loyal defenders on front lines, deep blue seas, and wide blue skies who made the ultimate, most precious sacrifice to preserve liberty and keep the peace.  THANK YOU! We remember you.  And we honor your loved ones who are still with us. Our Bible study tells the story of two […]

Father Abraham’s Sons

Muslims, Jews, and Christians have a legitimate claim to be Father Abraham’s sons and daughters. While it is a wonderful blessing to hold common genes and traditions with Father Abraham, it is a spiritual life of faith, submission, and action which qualifies us to claim that we are Father Abraham’s sons and daughters. The Arabic […]

It’s All Good

The Bible identifies three kinds of groaning which makes audible the inner sounds of pain. Did you know that underneath the skyscrapers of Seattle, the tectonic plates are groaning? According to my sources, there were 18 earthquakes in the greater Seattle area during a recent 7-day period. The human race is also groaning with hunger, […]

What Teens Need

Do you have GT?  Physical GT is very rare disease affecting two out of a hundred people.  Scientists are not certain about how it is caused.  While preparing for this sermon, I diagnosed myself. Our Bible study  shows that spiritual GT is very common.  Could you have it?  Is there a remedy? Be assured, God […]

Teen Survival School

There is an avalanche threatening a collapse of 60 million homes in the United States of America. When it hits, how will our teens survive? I’m talking about 10 adverse childhood experiences which are destroying teenagers: Emotional abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse Mother treated violently Household substance abuse Mental illness in household Parental separation or […]



Suppose you were getting a divorce and selecting a lawyer to support your case. If you chose God, one of you would receive the better defense. Which one? The husband or the wife? Join me in a study of divorce. Find out why God designed it, on one hand, and declares, on the other, “I […]

Father Knows Best


What kind of father revives broken children & restores broken relationships? DAD RISKED his reputation over his wild child; DAD LET his wild child face consequences of his own decisions; DAD LONGED for a restored relationship with his wild child; DAD LAVISHED gracious forgiveness on his wild child; DAD CELEBRATED the restored relationship with his […]

Ideal Family


I can’t find an ideal family described in the Bible.  One big factor could be adverse childhood experiences.  Another factor could be prenatal influences.  Do you know of any ideal families who live in the Skagit valley? God teaches us in Deuteronomy 6 that there are 2 remedies to family disfunction:  1.  Parents could stop […]

Birthday Of The King Concert


Ever heard a mature baritone voice in a 16-year-old who thought he couldn’t sing when he joined the choir two years ago?  Listen to the first solo. This exquisite musical experience is conducted by a musician who has not finished college.  She attended high school at Fountainview.  Her 82-strong choir and orchestra remind me of […]



Have you ever seen a famous person up close with your own eyes.  I’ll tell you about my encounter with a lady in pink. Unforgettable.  Peter claimed that he was “an eyewitness of his majesty.”  When did that happen? Our Bible study raises many questions.  Why did Jesus climb a high mountain with his three […]