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Do you know any birdwatchers? Have you ever wondered what motivates them to get up early, purchase expensive binoculars and bird books, make lists, talk about migration patterns, weather, and whether nests are being occupied on time? I have never been a birdwatcher. But I wonder why Jesus suggested 2000 years ago that I should […]

2nd Helpings


“With the world’s population now at 7.7 billion, any discussions about our church evangelizing the world as condition for Jesus’ return is plainly unrealistic, except if we say it as self-aggrandizement, because there are no measurable ways of evaluating such a venture.” Do you agree? Be prepared for a stimulating study of Matthew 24:14. Yes, […]

The Case For Greed

There is a case to be made for greed from a biological, political, psychological, and parental perspective. I will try to make that case based on Matthew’s story of another rich young man. But there are always two sides to a case. The Bible makes the case that breaking the 10th commandment may be our […]

King of the Jews

John loves to use double meanings throughout his Gospel. Find out why the title “King of the Jews” written in 3 languages is both so tragic and so powerful. Scripture: John 19 – the whole chapter “King of the Jews” preached by Pastor John K McGhee on July 13th, 2019 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day […]

When God’s People Lie

Bernard Madoff went to prison on June 29, 2009 for stealing 65 billion dollars by lying to his friends, family, and fellow Jewish networks. At times, he acted like a devout Sabbath keeper. I wonder if the Sabbath keepers who sincerely follow Biblical Truth ever tell lies. Is there such a thing as a good […]

The Cave-man’s Story

Welcome to my cave. It is dark in here. But I have 7 little lights above me and a nice warm fire. I have a story to tell about a 55-day long birthday party unlike any the world has ever experienced. It happened 1888 years ago. Scripture: Rev 1, John 12, John 13 “The Cave-man’s […]

Trust Trap

John 8: 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. According to Stephen Covey, author of the bestseller entitled “The Speed of Trust,” four kinds of trust exist: blind […]

Nic At Night

A world-famous mountain climber sat with me in an obscure Pakistani hotel, smoking, talking about life. He had just made a daring rescue and saved his friend’s life. Soon a helicopter would airlift him to safety. Find out more when you hear the story called “Nic At Night.” Scripture: John 3:1-25, John 19:38-42 “Nic At […]

Straight Path In A Crooked World

Picture a tough man crying in the wilderness “Don’t spend your life as a crooked little man in a crooked little house with a crooked dog or cat and a crooked little mouse.” Instead, find the straight path “down into the water way down a little bit deeper.” Our Bible study will help you find […]


It is easy to become a Muslim. You only have to say just one sentence out loud. So what is required to become a Christian. Is there a Billy Graham formula that is needed? Can you identify the time and place where it happened? Ever wondered if you were less of a Christian if you […]