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Two elephants are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Two world powers are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Two churches are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Will they both win?  Will they both lose?  Will one win and the other lose? Scripture: Acts 2:1-47 […]

Total Eclipse


If the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, how could it block out the sun during an eclipse? Which is the better athlete, Venus or Serena Williams? Have you experienced at least two baptisms? Your answers will sparkle and shine during the “Eclipse.” Scripture: John 3:30 -35 “Total Eclipse” preached by Pastor John […]

God’s Time Clock

God’s alarm clock has been ringing for 6000 years because God’s people have been sleepy for 6000 years. This Bible study takes a look at the special ring tone God has at this time in earth’s history.  We’ll find it by looking briefly at the state of the world we live in, and then focus […]


Jesus almost lost the human race in Gethsemane.  His friends’ brutal treatment was an added Gethsemane punishment Jesus did not need.  He needed intercessory prayers.  All He got was rejection, snoring, and cowardice. Would you consider helping someone overcome his or her Gethsemane this week through significant intercessory prayer and a ministry of presence? Scripture: […]

Revolutionary Brains

Welcome to the only brain rehab clinic open on Saturday mornings in Mount Vernon.  Pastor John, also known as Dr. John McGhee, a health educator from Loma Linda University, will be describing what happens when brains are deformed through chronic pain, sports or war injuries, chemical addictions, mental illness, and daily use of over-the counter […]

True Blue Loyalty

We honor, today, our heroic loyal defenders on front lines, deep blue seas, and wide blue skies who made the ultimate, most precious sacrifice to preserve liberty and keep the peace.  THANK YOU! We remember you.  And we honor your loved ones who are still with us. Our Bible study tells the story of two […]

Father Abraham’s Sons

Muslims, Jews, and Christians have a legitimate claim to be Father Abraham’s sons and daughters. While it is a wonderful blessing to hold common genes and traditions with Father Abraham, it is a spiritual life of faith, submission, and action which qualifies us to claim that we are Father Abraham’s sons and daughters. The Arabic […]

It’s All Good

The Bible identifies three kinds of groaning which makes audible the inner sounds of pain. Did you know that underneath the skyscrapers of Seattle, the tectonic plates are groaning? According to my sources, there were 18 earthquakes in the greater Seattle area during a recent 7-day period. The human race is also groaning with hunger, […]

What Teens Need

Do you have GT?  Physical GT is very rare disease affecting two out of a hundred people.  Scientists are not certain about how it is caused.  While preparing for this sermon, I diagnosed myself. Our Bible study  shows that spiritual GT is very common.  Could you have it?  Is there a remedy? Be assured, God […]

Teen Survival School

There is an avalanche threatening a collapse of 60 million homes in the United States of America. When it hits, how will our teens survive? I’m talking about 10 adverse childhood experiences which are destroying teenagers: Emotional abuse Physical abuse Sexual abuse Mother treated violently Household substance abuse Mental illness in household Parental separation or […]