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Fishing Off the Map

Have things ever gone wrong? Your carefully crafted plans fallen apart? You’re not alone. Jesus’ disciples never planned on Jesus’ death and when it happened, they reacted in ways we may find very familiar. Explore what we can learn from them and discover the courage to walk ‘off the map’ with Jesus. Scripture: John 21:1-6 […]

Which Way To The Promised Land


Experience an African midnight in a truck that barely runs on a road with no lights or signs, frantically driving to save a child’s life, knowing that if anything went wrong, the fierce baboons would surround you.  It was a missionary’s worst nightmare . . . only it was happening in real time. Scripture: John […]

Total Eclipse


If the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, how could it block out the sun during an eclipse? Which is the better athlete, Venus or Serena Williams? Have you experienced at least two baptisms? Your answers will sparkle and shine during the “Eclipse.” Scripture: John 3:30 -35 “Total Eclipse” preached by Pastor John […]

Mountain Birthday


She was chained like a slave to fear . . . afraid of riding on the horse merry-go-round; afraid of the dark; afraid of the clothes in the closet that might move; afraid her parents would die. How old do you think she was? He was chained like a slave to loneliness . . . […]