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Our Father


Our Father, the familiar beginning of the Lord’s Prayer, has world changing implications. If God is our Father, then who are “we?” If we are the children of God, then what authority has He given us on Earth, and how do we wield that authority? How do we usher in the Kingdom of our Father, […]

When God is Born


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was living an ordinary life, going about her daily routines, preparing for her marriage that had likely been prearranged. An encounter with God changed all of that. Right in the middle of Mary’s carefully planned life, God sent the angel Gabriel with a greeting and a message. The greeting? “Good morning! You’re […]

Christmas Program 2017


A Christmas program featuring the Skagit Youth Ensemble, Byron Schurch on guitar, story called “Chinese Haircut,” and an appeal for compassion by Lorraine McCormick. Scripture: Luke 2 “Christmas Program” preached by Pastor John K McGhee on December 16th, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington

The Cure to Anxiety


Want a life with out worry or without fear? He will provide if you follow the prescription He has prescribed. Its the week of Thanksgiving and there is much to be anxious about in the world today. There was much to be anxious leading up to the first thanksgiving. What do we know about the […]

Adventist World Radio


Want to hear some amazing miracle stories from places where only a radio signal can go to share Good New? You’ll enjoy this mission presentation. Scripture: Matthew 24, Matthew 28:16-20 “Adventist World Radio” preached by Mark Threthewey on October 28th, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington

Our Indian Odyssey

While visiting India in 1985, two cousins from different cities asked, “Sister, you have known the Sabbath truth for so long; how is it that you never shared it with us?”  We took this as a double message from God to share the Sabbath truth with our relatives. Ten years past, In 1995, we accompanied a […]

Odds of Survival


Make no mistake.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you live near survivalists.  You may not see them.  But they are there.  Somewhere.  Close.  Can we learn anything from “Preppers?” Are their odds of survival better than yours if Mount Rainier explodes, a giant tsunami hits, or North Korea attacks? This sermon will answer […]



What IS Integrity? Integrity is a wholeness, where the outside matches the inside, and is intact. What does integrity look like today? How do we live that out? Take some time with us today and explore the meaning of integrity, with biblical examples of lives of integrity;  to learn what it takes to become “undone” […]

Identity in Jesus


Open a letter addressed to you. Inside is a concise description of who a Seventh Day Adventist is. This message is inspired to share our core value of identity. Your invited to allow Jesus Christ to put on a robe of great wealth that shows who’s corner you identify with and gives the privilege to […]