Our Mission is to “Love GOD and Love Others. Some of the ways that we express our love is by hosting what we call “Hope Village” events every quarter. Many services are provided to our neighbors in need throughout Skagit county. Services such as hair cuts, car care, residency clinic, dental van, eye exam and glasses, clothing, hygiene kits, showers, recovery, mentorship, hot meals, and most importantly, prayer.

In addition, we also host monthly Pop-up events where we provide hot meals, fellowship, and prayer. These events are held at locations that are easily accessible by our homeless community.

Our goal is to meet people where they are at, and show them a loving God, who cares about each person passionately. We seek to serve by the example of Jesus.

If you are interested in serving at one of these events or joining our outreach team please email: community@mountvernonsda.com or call 360-336-6392.

If you would like to support this ministry by donation, please click here: https://adventistgiving.org/#/org/ANIMGG/envelope/start