July 9, 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a whirlwind, really it started last week as we prepared for VBS & Lee Veden’s series. Lee Venden started Friday night and goes through this Sabbath afternoon, with his last session at 2:30pm after our Summer Salads Potluck. Please help us by bringing a summer salad! VBS started off our week with a big YEEEHAWWWWW! We are so blessed to have such a dedicated team of not only adults, but our older youth are taking on leadership roles in VBS as well and are doing a fabulous job! We have had a steady attendance of over 25+ kids a day, many of which are visitors to our church, invited by friends and church family (THIS IS FRIENDSHIP EVANGELISM!). From songs to snacks, games and crafts, prayer and Bible points and principles, we have been honored to serve our community in sharing Jesus. Speaking of community and visitors, we’ve had a very steady attendance of church family and friends joining us each evening for a series that really is All About Jesus. If you haven’t made it to one of his talks yet, COME TONIGHT! You will be refreshed in your focus on Jesus and strengthening your relationship with Him.

Sabbath Services

Bible Study/Sabbath School: 10am – 10:45am 

Adults – Lee Venden will be sharing with us the 11th part of his 13-part series during this hour called “Surviving a Revival Seminar”.

Children/Youth Bible Study Classes

****Kids Primary and up are invited to join us in the sanctuary at 10am for the first part of Lee Venden’s presentation where Marji Venden will have a kids feature first. Then the kids will separate and go to their age group classes.

  • Beginners – Kindergarten
  • Juniors (8-11)
  • Earliteen – Youth (12+)
  • Please arrive in plenty of time to check in your kid(s) before class starts!

Worship Service: 

This Sabbath we will begin having the children pick up the Children’s Offering, so be sure and get those dollar bills (and higher!) ready!

11am-12pm Join us this Sabbath for a sermon by Lee Venden. Join us in person Or join via our livestream on YouTube or Facebook or directly on our Homepage. Church Service Online!

Please join us immediately after the service for a Haystacks Potluck. Please sign up to help us feed everyone: https://www.PerfectPotluck.com/ Please let me know if you have any questions. Meal Coordinator: (MVSDA) Church  Password: 98273

2:30pm Lee Venden will do a third session (1.5 hours) following our Potluck and cleanup.

Tithes & Offerings

Tithes & Offerings

  • In the Foyer we also have our Little Church for Children’s Ministries, as well as a black lockbox for tithes and offerings collected on site. Use an Offering/Tithe envelope to specify a specific ministry if desired. All loose offerings will remain for our local church. Please no foreign coins.

You can give online via our website here:  Giving. There is also a mobile app: iPhone/iPad users: ‎Adventist Giving on the App Store; Google Play: AdventistGiving.

church family

Worship on Wednesdays

  • 6pm Simple Supper – Come eat with us, then stay and pray with us!
  • 7-8pm Prayer Meeting via Zoom or in person

Kids/youth ministries

Youth/NEXT Gen Night Friday July 16 5:30-8:30pmMovie Night! Kids ages 8+ years, join us! *If you would like to volunteer to work with our children/youth, please contact Pastor Bri through her email: children@mountvernonsda.com.


  • July 2-10 – Lee Venden’s series All About Jesus”. Potlucks tomorrow!
    • Please help us prepare the potlucks by signing up to bring items here: https://www.PerfectPotluck.com/ Please let me know if you have any questions. Meal Coordinator: (MVSDA) Church Password: 98273 Summer Salads Potluck July 10
  • July 24 – Friends & Family Worship at Cedarhome – NO CHURCH HERE THAT DAY. Please join us at Cedarhome SDA Church for worship, food and Sabbath fellowship for the afternoon. 28505 68th Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292
  • July 31 – Church in the Park – Rockport State Park. Discovery Pass required. More details soon!

“Friendship Evangelism”…are you familiar with the term? What about “Evangelistic Series”? I’m sure you know as we just had one earlier this year! Thankfully these terms are not mutually exclusive. I have seen good results come from holding evangelistic series here at the church, and I am glad we are doing them. But there is another type of Evangelism that I think we need to consider and apply now more than ever if we have not already been doing so: Friendship Evangelism. This type of witnessing is very personal, hands on, and requires your commitment. So what does it look like? I encourage you to read this article, as it says exactly what I was planning on writing, on more thorough than I was thinking when I felt impressed to talk about this topic: https://ourdailybread.org/resources/friendship-evangelism/

It is my heart’s desire to see all of us engaged in our church family, but also engaging our communities by being the friend that Jesus’s example in the gospels gave us:  sharing, serving, helping and loving without requesting anything in return. By being the kind of person that is willing to live in such a way as to let others see God at work in their life. Our kids and VBS volunteers did this all week. Many of you may already be doing it as well. Keep up the good work! If you’ve never heard of or considered this type of evangelism, I encourage you to pray about and let the Lord guide you into your next friendship. And just to clarify, I am not suggesting that we do not do evangelistic series anymore, on the contrary, let’s keep it up! Because each day our work is to walk with Jesus and share Jesus with others.

It is my hope that you will join us tomorrow for our Worship Service. Remember, we are one Sabbath closer to Jesus coming back!

Melissa Baskett
Admin Assistant
Mount Vernon SDA Church
360-416-0443 / office@mountvernonsda.com