Washington Adventist Camp Meeting 2018

A festival of faith. A gathering of hope. A time of spiritual growth and renewal.

Camp meetings hold a lot of tradition in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This is when faithful followers of the Advent hope gather to worship, to share faith, to grow in their Bible understanding, and to find encouragement for living generously and sharing faithfully.

Right here in western Washington, camp meetings trace back to 1886 when a handful of Seattle area Sabbath keepers held their first camp meeting in this region. This annual time of encouragement continues today.

This might be your first time at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting, or an annual tradition in your family for the past 50 years or more.

Through your camp meeting experience, may you be inspired to live and share generously the hope and wholeness that Jesus offers us!

For more information please visit the Washington Conference’s Camp Meeting page.

[box]Note: You will see that the videos do not start from the beginning. The video will start when the live streaming begins. The numbers in parentheses is the time when the main speaker begins speaking, if you choose to skip ahead to that part just adjust the play slider to that position.[/box]

6/15/18 Ron Halvorsen Jr. (1:17:00)

6/16/18 Sabbath school

6/16/18 Church service Ron Halvorsen Jr. (1:04:00)

6/16/18 Ron Halvorsen Jr. (1:11:45)

6/17/18 Ron Halvorsen Jr. (33:45)

6/18/18 Dr. Ryan Hayes

6/18/18 WA Conf President: Doug Bing (24:40)

6/19/18 Harold Alomia (48:00)

6/20/18 Dr. Ryan Hayes

6/20/18 Harold Alomia (38:45)

6/21/18 Dr. Ryan Hayes

6/21/18 Harold Alomia (1:03:50)

6/22/18 Dr. Ryan Hayes

6/22/18 Dr. Fredrick Russell (58:30)

6/23/18 Sabbath School

6/23/18 Dr. Fredrick Russell (48:14)

6/23/18 Musician Festival

6/23/18 Dr. Fredrick Russell (1:26:43)