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Our mission: Setting People Free in Jesus • By making worship of the Creator relevant • By providing fellowship in His family • By teaching habits of spiritual growth • By utilizing spiritual gifts in ministry • By sharing the gospel



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  • Why Evangelism Matters

    Why Evangelism Matters

    The greatest need in our church today is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. On the Day of Pentecost nearly …
  • Our Church Announcements

    Our Church Announcements

    July 31st, 2020¸ Dear Family and Friends, I’m so glad we put in our window A/C units! Summer weather is …
  • Conference: “Washington ACTS” Newsletter

    Conference: “Washington ACTS” Newsletter

    Latest Newsletters: 07/29/2020 – The Case of the Not-So-Cute Garden Bunnies 07/22/2020 – Read about Kevin the Cat Right Meow …
  • Spiritual Habits

    Spiritual Habits

    In order to grow and develop, we must learn and sharing our discovery with others. It is the same in …
  • Church Service Online!

    Church Service Online!

    Come join us in person, or click below to join us virtually!

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