Welcome to Mount Vernon SDA Church

Our mission: Love God, Love Others • Our Vision: We will only be content with an adventurous relationship with our Lord. Through His promised Holy Spirit our community will be a refuge, imparting love and acceptance to all people through: Prayer Saturation • Deliberate Discipling of Children and Youth • Focused Service to the Community • Deep Meaningful Worship



Life Recovery – It’s For Everyone!

How many of us are dealing with this frantic pace of life? Grief? Finances? Relationship Struggles? Stress? Perfectionism? Our group’s mission is to bring the power of Jesus to those hurting, through recovery. In exchange we know that Hope, Security, Clarity, Wisdom, Self-Control, Happiness and so much more are attainable with Life Recovery. Skagit Valley Recovery meets…

Women’s Fellowship Hour

Join us for fun and support. We can’t wait to spend time with you!

Worship Service

We meet every Saturday – Streaming and In-Person Worship Service at 11:00.


Mount Vernon, WA

Recent Updates

  • Church Service Online!

    Church Service Online!

    Come join us in person, or click A Button below to join us virtually!
  • The Everlasting Gift

    The Everlasting Gift

    At Christmas time we think of family, food, fellowship and gifts.  Those are good, but what if we paused and …
  • Gospel and the Outsider Part 2

    Gospel and the Outsider Part 2

    2023-Dec-2 Scripture: “Gospel and the Outsider Part 2” preached by Pastor Don Bryan on 2023-Dec-2 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in …
  • Christmas Service 2022

    Christmas Service 2022

    Welcome to the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church Christmas Service for 2022! May the Lord bless you and keep you.May …
  • Worship and the Little Horn

    Worship and the Little Horn

    Daniel declares in the midst of the prophecy that the essential reality is Worship. Daniel, his three friends, Nebuchadnezzar and …

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