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Love Revealed


1 John 4:16 declares that God is Love. The very essence of who God is, is Love. Jesus came to show us the Father. To show us God’s Love for humanity. He demonstrated this incredible love by going to the cross on our behalf. When we talk about Amazing Grace, we should all kneel in […]



If you knew Jasmine, you would know what “Friend-power” looks like and acts like.  If you knew Juana Maria’s story, you would know how crucial it is to have friends.  Imagine living alone on an island for 18 years?  This Bible study teaches why we need friends and how making new friends is natural for […]

Compassionate Enemy

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?  Can you remember what it feels like?  What if your “friend” seemed to be cool and compassionate in the eyes of the majority?  Our Bible story taken from Luke 22, John 12, and John 13 is about two friends named Jesus and Judas.  Were they ever really […]