Jeff Hunt Ministries


Life evolves, times change, opportunities come and go and sometimes something old becomes new again. And so it is.

The passion for concert ministry has always been there. I was privileged to make my living at sharing my music for many years on the road. In 1999, I traded that for some security in regular jobs. The Lord took care of me and I still had the blessing of presenting concerts on the weekends. Now, a new chapter opens and with God’s blessing, concerts potentially will be more prominent in my life.

Retirement, due largely to health issues is the plan with the opportunity to supplement my income by serving the Lord with concert ministry again. The music is still important and the messages are still what I want to share, so it is back on the road, in a limited capacity, as the old becomes new again.

2015 begins an exciting time for me to work with churches and organization who want to reach the community with a variety of programs to lift Him up in their outreach. What a privilege to work arm in arm with the pastors and members to share the gospel.

I made an arrangement with the Lord that I would never turn down an invitation to sing unless it was impossible to make it happen. In the coming months, if you have a church or organization that has a desire to use concert ministry to reach out to your community, please just ask and I will do all I can to make my schedule fit your needs. It would be an honor to come and serve the Lord where you are and to watch Him do His work . Use the email, phone or text listed on the home page to reach me and let’s get to work since the time keeps getting shorter to reach those who need to hear the good news.


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