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Confronted with Miracles

Jesus confronted the narrowness of the Pharisees by miraculously healing people on Sabbath. What was Jesus reaching for that was so valuable He was willing to create a crisis over it? Additional Media: minutes 34:15 to 38:06 and 1:16:20 to 1:22:59 Scripture: John 5:1-16; John 9:1-34; Mt 22:36-40; Deut 5:15 “Confronted with Miracles” preached […]

What Did God Want?


A healthy understanding of Sabbath was so important to Jesus, he went out on purpose to pick fights with the Pharisees who misunderstood it. If you and I had been caught up in those fights, which side would we have taken? Scripture: John 5:8-16; Jeremiah 17:19-27; Numbers 15:32-36; Mt 12:1-13; Jn 10-10; Mt 23:15; Mark […]

Showing Compassion to our Neighbors


In today’s world we constantly see people in need. Some are struggling with homelessness, others with abuse and neglect, others with addictions, and still others who don’t fit into our ideal world. Do we take the time to stop to help them in their time of need? Do we provide comfort, shelter and even financial […]