Two elephants are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Two world powers are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Two churches are locked in a life and death struggle for survival. Will they both win?  Will they both lose?  Will one win and the other lose? Scripture: Acts 2:1-47 […]

Which Way To The Promised Land


Experience an African midnight in a truck that barely runs on a road with no lights or signs, frantically driving to save a child’s life, knowing that if anything went wrong, the fierce baboons would surround you.  It was a missionary’s worst nightmare . . . only it was happening in real time. Scripture: John […]

Total Eclipse


If the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, how could it block out the sun during an eclipse? Which is the better athlete, Venus or Serena Williams? Have you experienced at least two baptisms? Your answers will sparkle and shine during the “Eclipse.” Scripture: John 3:30 -35 “Total Eclipse” preached by Pastor John […]

Identity in Jesus


Open a letter addressed to you. Inside is a concise description of who a Seventh Day Adventist is. This message is inspired to share our core value of identity. Your invited to allow Jesus Christ to put on a robe of great wealth that shows who’s corner you identify with and gives the privilege to […]

Showing Compassion to our Neighbors


In today’s world we constantly see people in need. Some are struggling with homelessness, others with abuse and neglect, others with addictions, and still others who don’t fit into our ideal world. Do we take the time to stop to help them in their time of need? Do we provide comfort, shelter and even financial […]

Thirsty? Hungry? Come! Listen!


Hungry for God? Thirsty for Living Water? Do you find yourself craving junk food? Do you reach for soda to quench your thirst? Do you long for a more satisfying life? Perhaps you are hungry and thirsty for God! Perhaps the outpouring of the Holy Spirit starts with this hunger and thirst. If you find […]

God’s Time Clock

God’s alarm clock has been ringing for 6000 years because God’s people have been sleepy for 6000 years. This Bible study takes a look at the special ring tone God has at this time in earth’s history.  We’ll find it by looking briefly at the state of the world we live in, and then focus […]

Pulling Together to Finish God’s Plan


God made a plan before man was created.  The 3 most powerful beings in the cosmos agreed that should man fall, no price was too great to save him.  That plan resulted in Christ’s death and will be completed when Jesus returns to take His people home to live with Him.  The Mt. Vernon SDA […]

My Journey With Jesus

This is my first opportunity to share what Jesus Christ means to me in front of a congregation. I do love to teach and have some experience doing so. And I do love my Lord. Pastor McGhee told me I would be speaking to brothers and sisters in a “safe” environment. So I look forward […]