Becoming a Channel of God’s Love

The Great Controversy began when Satan, driven by his pride, determined to take the place of his Creator. By misrepresenting God’s character to Adam and Eve, Satan caused doubt to come into their minds and upon tasting the forbidden fruit, they ran from their Lord and hid when He bid them to come to Him. The Great Controversy is about good and evil, yes, but it is fixed on the character of God. In order to confront this mischaracterization and to overcome human doubts, God sent His son Jesus in human flesh. Jesus did not come to *tell* the world about God’s character, He *showed* the world God’s character. As disciples of Jesus, His church is to behold their Savior and to become like Him. Pride causes us to focus on ourselves. Christ gave completely of Himself that we might be saved. That’s our mission, to not only tell about God’s character, but to demonstrate His character to all who we meet. This Sabbath we will hear from some who have practiced unselfish giving to others and the blessings that came from those encounters.

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“Becoming a Channel of God’s Love” by Steve Ebsen and friends on 2023-Oct-21, 2023 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington