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The Case For Greed


There is a case to be made for greed from a biological, political, psychological, and parental perspective. I will try to make that case based on Matthew’s story of another rich young man. But there are always two sides to a case. The Bible makes the case that breaking the 10th commandment may be our […]

I See You


“Why did I say that? Why did I do that? I’m glad no one can read my mind!” We often try to ignore or hide the part of us that is dark, unkind and sinful. We struggle with the purpose of shame and guilt. Our busy lives keep us from sitting with our guilt to […]

Low Hanging Fruit


The “butterfly effect” is the theory that small causes can have large effects. A butterfly flaps its wings, and the result of just the slightest shift in the air, can cause a tornado several countries over. Based on the mathematical chaos theory, those two incidents seem quite extreme to be related. But like the ripple […]

Next Level


Have you ever seen a full grown person act like a baby?  It is not pretty and can be embarrassing, especially for the bystanders.  The Bible has identified 8 qualities which ensure that a Christian is a top level ambassador from God .   “If you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you […]