Sabbath School – The Bible as History

The Bible is constituted in history. Biblical history moves in a linear direction from an absolute beginning, when God created all things, to an ultimate goal, when He will restore the earth at His Second Coming.

The historical nature of Scripture is one characteristic that distinguishes it from the sacred books of other religions. The Bible assumes the existence of a God who personally acts in history; it does not try to prove that existence. In the beginning, God speaks, and life on earth is created (Gen. 1:1-31). He calls Abram out of the Chaldees. He delivers His people from the bondage of Egypt. He writes the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone with His own finger (Exod. 31:18). He sends prophets. He sends judgments. He calls people to live and share His divine law and the plan of salvation with other nations. Ultimately, He sends His Son Jesus Christ into the world, thus dividing history forever.

This week, we’ll look at some of the key issues in history as portrayed in the Bible and also at some of the archaeological evidence that helps substantiate history as expressed in the Bible.