Job is called a servant of God. His, is the oldest story in the Bible. He lived an exemplary life. Still he was punished.

Jesus was called a servant of God. He lived an exemplary life. Still he was punished.

Stephen and Phillip were called deacons, which means “servants.” They lived exemplary lives. Still they were punished.

I haven’t lived an exemplary life at all times. My mother could have told you that. I grew up with servants in our home. Little did I know that as a child growing up in the mission field, God was teaching me to be a servant. And that when my mother spanked me, I was learning to be a suffering servant.

Perhaps God wants us to understand that one cannot be His servant without suffering. What a day it will be to hear His words, “well done, good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, I will put you in charge of many things (Matt 25:23).”

Scripture: Job 1 – 3; Isaiah 42, 43, and 52, Matthew 25

“Servant” preached by Pastor John McGhee on October 13th, 2018 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington


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