True Blue Loyalty

We honor, today, our heroic loyal defenders on front lines, deep blue seas, and wide blue skies who made the ultimate, most precious sacrifice to preserve liberty and keep the peace.  THANK YOU! We remember you.  And we honor your loved ones who are still with us.

Our Bible study tells the story of two valiant warriors, David and Jonathon, who were best friends.  I picked their amazing story to teach us about true loyalty forged in the furnace of abuse, crime, cruelty, deception, and war.  Theirs was a true blue “forever” friendship.

David and Jonathon could testify, “I would be true, for there are those who trust me; I would be true for there are those who care; I would be true for there is much to suffer; I would be true for there is much to dare…” Howard A. Walter, 1906.

Scripture: I Samuel 23:16-18, Heb 6:19,20, Heb 10:19-22, Matt 27:50

“True Blue Loyalty” preached by Pastor John McGhee on June 3rd, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington


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