Father Abraham’s Sons

  • Muslims, Jews, and Christians have a legitimate claim to be Father Abraham’s sons and daughters.
  • While it is a wonderful blessing to hold common genes and traditions with Father Abraham, it is a spiritual life of faith, submission, and action which qualifies us to claim that we are Father Abraham’s sons and daughters.
  • The Arabic word Muslims use to describe this quality is “Hanif.”
  • Look for an incredible mission story in the conclusion about why a Muslim ruler changed a 2-minute protocol into a 90-minute life-changing event.

Scripture: John 10:16, Gen 12:1,3, Gen. 22:17, Gen. 15:6, Heb. 11:8

“Father Abraham’s Sons” preached by Pastor John McGhee on May 20th, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington


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