Revival Prayers

Have you ever eaten cake with the Lord? Do you know where the world’s most significant battle ground is located? What does the Hebrew word “chayah” mean? Find out how you can start a genuine revival. In what way are you like a snow leopard? Did Jesus die during Passover or Easter? How many years has it been since the crucifixion? Pastor John has prepared a “delicious” message for you.

Scripture: [reftagger title=”2 Chronicles 7:14“]2 Chronicles 7:14[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”Matthew 6:6“]Matthew 6:6[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”James 5:16“]James 5:16[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”Revelation 2:4“]Revelation 2:4[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”Mark 14:38“]Mark 14:38[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”Jeremiah 2:32“]Jeremiah 2:32[/reftagger]; [reftagger title=”Isaiah 58:2-7″]Isaiah 58:2-7[/reftagger]

“Revival Prayers” by Pastor John McGhee preached March 26th, 2016 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington


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