Compassion on Parade

From Scripture, we discover that God is love. It is the essence of who God is. We also learn that His love is bigger than the Universe. Bigger than two septillion stars. It would stand to reason then, that His compassion, the expression of His love, would also be deeper, wider, and fuller than any tongue could tell. In fact, the writers of the New Testament had to coin a new word, just to try and express God’s compassion as seen in Jesus. You’re invited to explore this Compassion together this Sabbath.

Scripture: Mark 1:41, Matthew 9:36, Matthew 14:14, Matthew 15:32, Mark 8:2, Luke 7:11-15. Mark 5:21-43, Matthew 15:21, John 8, John 11, John 19:25

“Compassion on Parade” preached by Pastor Don Bryan on March 11th, 2023 at the Mount Vernon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington